When we refer to screenplay adaptation, we need to consider the various branches of this type of business, such as creating a script from other materials, adapting a literary work for a film, or simply a script written in a certain language to be translated into the requested language.

At Marcos Word & Media we work on all steps of screenplay adaptation regardless of the scope of the client’s project — the translation of it or the creation of a screenplay from top to bottom. First, we read the story to completely understand it in order to grasp the real essence of the project as well as the client’s idea. Then we make notes of what really matters in the adaptation, which can be done as a joint work with the client. We develop the story, and from that point, we take a general approach on how it should be released. After that, the text is sent to the customer to be approved, and finally delivered.

Sometimes we receive the screenplay ready, but with a need to be adapted to another language. We then perform all necessary steps, and recreate dialogues and scenes, but this time in the required language. We keep the same format requested by the client, and the project is ready to be delivered.